S355 steel


3 differents test have been performed for S355 steel specimens:

    1. Basic traction with extensometer. [S355-01]
    2. Cyclic traction with extensometer. [S355-03]
    3. Basic traction with Digital Image Correlation (DIC). [S355-04]


DOWNLOAD below all the S355 material tests raw data:

  1. descargar pdf S355 experimental details.pdf
  2. descargar pdf S355 tensile test report.pdf
  3. csv Force/Displacement diagram.xls [S355-01]
  4. csv Force/Displacement diagram.xls [S355-03]
  5. csv Force/Displacement diagram.xls [S355-04]
    1. Acquisition images
      1. bmp BMP (256 MB)
      2. jpg JPG (50.2 MB)
    2. Data
      1. csv CSV (40.6 MB)
      2. Vts_paraview VTS (44.8 MB)


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